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Demonstration in London gegen Militärmanöver der USA und Südkoreas und Solidaritäts-bekundung der AiP-D

Am Sonnabend, den 04. März 2017 fand durch unsere britischen Freunde von ASSPUK, JISGE und KFA UK eine Demonstration vor der US-Botschaft in London, Großbritannien, statt. Wir haben aus diesem Anlass ein Solidaritätsschreiben in deutsch und englisch verfasst, das wir hiermit veröffentlichen. Die englische Version (s.u.) wurde bei der Demonstration in London verlesen. Bericht mit Fotos hier, Videos hier, hier und hier.


KCNA: Miserable Human Rights Situation in U.S. and Western Countries Disclosed – Teil 2

Wir veröffentlichen nun den zweiten Teil einer Analyse der Koreanischen Menschenrechtsforschungsgesellschaft über die miserable Menschenrechtssituation in den westlichen Ländern.

Leider liegt uns der Text nur in Englisch vor.

Pyongyang, February 26 Juche 105 (2016) (KCNA) — The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies in an indictment issued on Feb. 23 disclosed that the U.S. and western countries wantonly violated rights of the peoples of other countries under the signboard of „human rights“ and „democracy.“
According to it, the U.S. set up „cultural centers“ and „information services“ in more than a hundred countries of the world to systematically provide them with periodicals spreading the reactionary idea and American-style way of life.
Radio Free Asia set up in January, 1994 has broadcast in various national languages for 15 hours every day, 80 percent of its programs are aimed at spreading Yankee-style culture and slinging mud at the ideologies and culture of other countries.
Some countries of the EU and Japan have massively produced and spread reactionary publications slandering the ideologies and social systems of other countries and benumbing the sound thinking of people.
The U.S. and western countries put under their control the majority of international information exchange after seizing the three fourths of the world websites. They are making desperate efforts to quell the voices representing progress and justice and embellish their unpopular social system against human rights.
They prodded dissident forces in relevant countries into fostering social confusion and chaos and put pressure on their governments for taking actions against them under the pretext of „human rights abuses.“ In the long run, they staged military intervention in sovereign countries under the excuse of „protection of human rights.“
The U.S. had committed over 900 cases of operations for assassination and terror against prominent political figures and leading government officials of various countries from 1961 to 1976.
Its scenario to overturn the regimes of sovereign states still goes on in such anti-imperialist independent countries as Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador.
The U.S. and western countries are wantonly violating international laws adopted to prevent genocide and punish those involved in it under the signboard of „anti-terrorism war.“
About 14 000-110 000 innocent people died every year from 2001 to 2011 due to the U.S.-led „anti-terrorism war.“
For just 5 years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March, 2003, 1 205 000 Iraqi people were killed, a million missing, and nearly half of them are children. weiterlesen

KCNA: Miserable Human Rights Situation in U.S. and Western Countries Disclosed

Wir veröffentlichen den ersten Teil einer Analyse der Koreanischen Menschenrechtsforschungsgesellschaft über die miserable Menschenrechtssituation in den westlichen Ländern.

Leider liegt uns der Text nur in Englisch vor.

Pyongyang, February 24 Juche 105 (2016) (KCNA) — The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies issued an indictment on Feb. 23 to disclose the fact that the U.S. and western countries are the tundras of the human rights.
According to it, in the U.S. about 200 000 persons are engaged in stamping out the progressive ideas and there are more than 21 000 violent bodies.
According to the Sentencing Project, a non-governmental organization, in the U.S. more than 5 800 000 persons have no right to vote because of their previous offenses.
As for the expenses for the U.S. presidential election campaign, Lincoln spent 100 000 dollars in his election campaign in 1860 and its expenses increased to a billion dollars in 2000 and 1.7 billion in 2004.
At least 2 billion dollars were spent in the presidential election campaign in late October, 2012 between Obama who stood as a candidate from the Democratic Party for reelection and Governor of Massachusetts State Romney.
According to the information disclosed at the hearings of the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. Senate in March, 2011, 14 percent of the religious discriminations reported in the U.S. were against Muslims which are less than 1 percent of the population.
Tokyo Shimbun and AFP in Jan. 2015 reported that nearly 20 cases of fire, violence, etc. took place against mosques and Muslims in France recently.
In Germany a movement against Muslims is assuming an organized nature. Pegida (Europeans against Muslim in Western) was organized in Dresden in October, 2014 and 8 regional organizations against Muslim appeared in Bayern State.
In Sweden 66 percent of the mosques were damaged by violence in 2014 and 44 percent of them were exposed to various forms of threat. weiterlesen

Bulletin 03-2016 der Botschaft der DVR Korea

Die Botschaft der DVR Korea hat am Freitag, den 15.01.2016 das
Bulletin Nr. 03-2016 herausgegeben. Wir wollen unseren Freunden und Genossen das englischsprachige Dokument nicht vorenthalten:

Bulletin 03-2016 als PDF

Nr. 03-2016

15. Januar 2016


Korean Jurists Committee Accuses U.S. of Sidestepping  Conclusion of Peace Treaty with DPRK

     Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) — The Korean Jurists Committee released a white paper on January 14, disclosing the U.S. criminal acts of persistently sidestepping the conclusion of a peace treaty with the DPRK, an international legal guarantee for defending peace and security in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world, and laying bare the U.S. sinister aim lurking behind it before the international community and the world progressives.

     A peace treaty is an international one which should be concluded in order to put a definite end to the state of war from a legal point of view and establish the relations of lasting peace, the white paper noted, and went on:

     How to approach the peace treaty is a touchstone to distinguish the peace-loving forces and trigger-happy forces.

     The Korean Armistice Agreement (AA) was adopted as an international legal document which envisaged the independent and peaceful settlement of the Korean issue free from any foreign interference and the establishment of the lasting peace-keeping mechanism in the Korean Peninsula, not a temporary halt to belligerence, thanks to the DPRK’s positive and stubborn struggle to lay a legal groundwork for setting up the relations of peace after the war. weiterlesen