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Bulletin 43-2015 der Botschaft der DVR Korea

Die Botschaft der DVR Korea hat am Freitag, den 14.08.2015 das Bulletin Nr. 43-2015 zum Thema der Vereinigung Koreas herausgegeben. Wir wollen unseren Freunden und Genossen das englischsprachige Dokument nicht vorenthalten:

150814 – Bulletin 43 – Independent Reunification of Korea – The Cornerstone Ensuring Peace and Prosperity in Northeast Asia

Nr. 43-2015

14. August 2015


Independent reunification of Korea –
the cornerstone ensuring peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia

(The memorial report of Institute for Disarmament and Peace
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK)

Seventy years have passed since our Korean nation was liberated from the Japanese imperialists’ occupation. However, the 70-year-long period is also the history of national division forced by the US.

During the long period of time when two generations or more have been shifted, our nation, divided into two, has been suffering from unprecedented misery and pain.

In those decades the world has made a tremendous advance and the times has undergone dramatic changes.

At the time of our national division, colonies and semicolonies accounted for more than half of the world. However, those countries achieved national independence one after another and the tendency towards independence opposing domination and subordination became the main trend of the world development.

The Cold War between the East and the West which had started at the time of our national division ended before half a century has elapsed and the “sole superpower” entered into a decline.

Today even in Asia, northeast Asia finds itself becoming more important in terms of politics, the economy and military. weiterlesen